WODA FAQ: When things go wrong

"Document contains no data"
"Unknown Server Error"

A fatal error occured. WODA failed to start properly. Things to check:
  1. In the cgi file (e.g. demo.cgi), does the file required in the require line (line 3) actually exist? In the installation procedure of woda.pm prior to and including 3.303, demo.cgi requires woda-uk.pl but it should require wodauk.pm.
  2. Examine the web server's error log file. On Windows/Xitami this is cgierr.log file; on Apache and Unix this is usually /var/log/errors. If not, ask your ISP or root.

Cannot create and chdir to ...

Web server cannot access whatever is specified in WBB{dataDir}. Say you defined:

$WBB{dataDir} = '/users/john/woda/data';

On Windows, make sure /users/john/woda exists. On UNIX, additionally, make sure Web server has read,write,execute access to it. Type

chdir /users/john/woda
mkdir /users/john/woda/data
chmod 777 /users/john/woda/data

First line gets you there, second makes a directory, third alows anyone anything.

Action 'cgiHome' is not implemented.

Most likely the file '/usr/local/woda/uk/cgiHome' is missing. If the file seems to be there, the problem could be the capital H in Home. If you took WODA through Windows tools like Explorer, you never know what will happen to the upper/lower case letters.

I can get to / I don't see administrator's menu

  1. Did you sucessfully log in as admin?

  2. You press on the white face on the toolbar, a window opens and you enter 'admin' as username and password as you set it up in the mainConfig subroutine.
  3. If you are admin, you see a red face with a white hat on the tollbar, right? And under the "Personal" heading on the /Home page you will notice "Database administration" item. Well hidden, right?

When I try to delete a record WODA writes "Delete failed".

If this happens to all records: If this happens to some, but not all records:

When I login as admin, nothing changes on the main page.

Login data is transported in cookies. Microsoft Explorer 4.x does not handle cookies correctly on URLs like www.xxx.com/cgi-bin/somescript?name=val. But it works OK with URLs like www.xxx.com/cgi-bin/somescript/Show?name=val. WODA 3.1.4 has been fixed so that bare URLs are never used.

Ergo, the cure is to use WODA 3.1.4+ and ...../cgi-bin/yourscrip/Home as the URL for the home page and /cgi-bin/yourscript/Show?_id=200 to show the record with ID=200.

A note on "large" databases

Although WODA does not impose any limits on the database size, some operations might be limited by the limitations of Perl, RAM of the server and HTTPD server.

How fast is it, anyway?

Here's what Sean <cybersean@thedataforge.com> wrote:
About the Database Engine:

The database engine is a PERL script and is about 70k.  The neat thing
about the script, is it provides modularity.  Databases are defined
through smaller PERL script modules, and these definition files just pass
variables and values to the main script.  It is highly customizable and
configurable, it is under the GNU Public license, and is written and
maintained by a college professor in Slovenia.  Initial testing resulted
in phenomenal perfomance on all of these platforms:

==> Novell IntranetWare 4.11, Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0, Novell's PERL.NLM Interpreter

==> Highly customized commercial (undisclosed vendor) Unix package on a public access Internet server, Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0 for Unix

==> 486 DX 100 PC with 64MB Ram, 8.1 GB IDE Hard Drive, 10mbps shared ethernet, Linux Slackware 4.0, Xitami web/ftp server, PERL for Linux

==> Pentium III 300mhz with 180MB Ram, 8.1 GB IDE Hard Drive, 100mbps switched ethernet, Windows 98, Xitami web/ftp server, and Active State PERL for Win32.

==> Testing for OS/2 Warp 4 Netfinity Server by the end of June 1999:
Pentium II 300mhz with 128MB Ram, 100mbps switched ethernet, 4.3GB hard drive, Xitami web/ftp server, PERL for OS/2

Here's what <Wilfred@Cryogen.com> wrote:
Regarding benchmarking...   [deleted] ... i' ve compared it to a simiolarily complex implementation of a sql mess, and nothing is better for actively changing database information...

-Faster and more powerful than any SQL implementation
-no competition? !!!
-yes im serious... >10,000 records with 25+ categories... other formats cant handle it...