WODA Release Notes

In 3.500 Y2K problem fixed, show HTML via WODA, handling of keys

In 3.402

In 3.401

In 3.400 Much more freedom in formatting records and pages (September 24, 1999)

In 3.305 User based ownership of records, fixes (September 6, 1999)

In 3.303 Installation procedure (July 23, 1999)

In 3.302 Improved hierarchical browsing, fixes (July 14, 1999)

In 3.301 Shopping basket, hierarchical browsing, Windows compatibility (July 7, 1999)

In 3.210 Security fix, visual enhancements (April 1999)

In 3.202 MOD_PERL compatibility, faster searching with grep (January 1999)

In 3.1r4 Fixes, Explorer bugs, JavaScript (November 1998)

# FIX: checkAll, checkNone JavaScript can be disabled
# FIX: Explorer's reading of cookies on pages that have empty query string
#      and pathinfo.
#      never use $SCRIPT? ... use $SCRIPT/Home for homePage!
# FIX: Modify structure internal links between frames.
# FIX: Wraped INPUT and TEXTAREAS with <FONT FACE="Courier">
#      Otherwise field width is out of control in Netscape.
# FIX: Wrapped USERFILE with FONT FASE=Courier too!
# FIX:
#    local (*_) = $_main{$var} if Perl 4;
#    local (*_) = $main::{$var} if Perl 5;
# FIX: All Perlish fileglobbs like <$1.*>
#    were replaced by a function that does the globbing without resorting
#    to the shell
# FIX: option lists can now safely contain spacial characters like ()*.- ...
# FIX: field names like siteURL are now printed correctly in forms
# FIX: spacing of field help in forms corrected
# FIX: funny character in AZindex
# FIX: JavaScript compatible with more browsers.
# NEW: most wanted words of AZindex
# NEW: other
# NEW: $WBF{head} is used in forms as well.
# NEW: function &ID($text) available to convert $text into ID.

# In 3.1r2
# + advancedSearch eq problem fixed
# + small fixes related to WODA running on DOS boxes
# + improved AdmStatus diagnistics

In 3.1r1 CONTINUE typePar, fixes (July 1998)

In 3.1r0 Home Page, Modify Structure (June 1998)

In 3.0r1 Handling Users, JavaScript, Styles, Automatic Maintenance (May 1998)

In 2.8r8

In 2.8r3 Improved support for relational features (December 1997)

In 2.7r0 Support for rings of Web pages (November 1997)

In 2.6r3 Create from data, check directory permissions

In 2.6r2 Fixes

2.6r1 Less Perl overhead, A-Z Index, record filtering, different distribution (September 1997)

In 2.5r5

In 2.5r4

2.5r0 Browse features, frames, access counter (May 1997)

2.3r1 Field search, new request format (March 1997)

2.3r0 Expression search, serial email (February 1997)

2.2r1 Alternative URL calling convention, search tips (January 1997)

2.2r0 Some relational features, robots' playground, WODA icon (December 1996)

2.1r0 Renamed to WODA, Software Agent, Better International Support

New in version 2.0:

 New in 2.0r2

New in 2.0r3

New in 2.0r4

New in 2.0r6

New in 2.0r7

New in 2.0r8